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To provide assistance to professionals, from Brazil and other countries, who work in the area of electrical power (electric utilities, regulatory agencies, technology vendors to distribution networks, providers of information and communication technology, suppliers of hardware, software, services, equipment and materials for electric power networks, teaching and research institutions, Government, consultancies) with the aim of assessing the new situation and experiences in development the transformation of Control and Operation Centers of power distribution companies in Intelligence and Services Management Centers, scenario in which the training of teams of operators, technicians, engineers and other professionals and technology are fundamental in activities related to the restoration of electrical systems, InovaFocus and RPM Brasil present the 6th Edition of CENOCON/2017 - 6th Forum on Control and Operation Centers of Electric Power Utilities, on April 4th and 5th, 2017, at Pestana São Paulo & Hotel Conference Center, in São Paulo, Brazil.



The organization of the first Control and Operation Centers of electric utilities in Brazil took place in the end of the Twenties. Since the decade of 60, these Control and Operation Centers have suffered changes to their functions in the available technology, on the changing profile of technical staff and operators, besides the impacts resulting from the Regulation. In the decade of 70, the working groups of the former CODI - Brazilian Energy Distribution Committee, which originated the current ABRADEE (Brazilian Energy Distribution Utilities Association) launched the guidelines for what would be the new format of the Control and Operation Centers of the electric power utilities, for that period, with the new designation of COD-Distribution Operation Center. The changes take effect in the decade of 90, especially in the automation of the Control and Operation Centers of the companies have defined the current model of these centers.

The fifth edition of CENOCON in 2016, which the participation of 410 attendees, 43 speakers, including 3 international, 220 delegates, 5 sponsors and 13 electrical sector entities.

Currently, there are more than 100 Control and Operation Centers of electric power utilities in Brazil, where over 5,000 professionals work directly. These centers are in several different operative-technical maturation stages and various configurations, with great potential for development of modern and integrated technological platforms. In addition, there is an increasing demand for reviewing the processes and qualifying professionals with adequate profile to act in the Control and Operation Centers in the future. It also happens accelerated expansion on deployment of control and operation centers in various segments of infrastructure companies, through service companies, coming to cities.

Themes to be Addressed

- Development, implementation or customization of management systems, sCADA or others tools for control and operation centers (COC);
- Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics;
- Operational Intelligence and Management Indicators - the processing of information and data and their applications in COC of GTD;
- Use of new technologies in COC of GTD companies: drones, augmented reality, cognitive intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT);
- The deployment COC focused for wind farm and photovoltaic power plants;
- Projects of R & D aimed at generating, transmission and distribution electrical system operation and the COC;
- Implementation or up-grade on COC;
- Smart Grid integrated on COC;
- Distributed Generation integrated on COC
- Integration of COC of GTD companies;
- Display Solutions (panels, monitors);
- Development, capacity building, training and management of teams of COC;
- Normalization: impacts and solutions found to meet for the Grid Procedures and Distribution Procedures - PRODIST;
- Learning to prepare for major events (as Olympics Games, Football Cups, Elections) - the view of the COC of GTD companies;
- The process of restoration of a systemic event in the Brazilian National Interconnected System - SIN;
- The generation matrix and its impact on the operation of the Brazilian Electrical System;
- Cybersecurity applied to COC of GTD companies;
- The asset management and their impact on COC of GTD companies.
- The exploratory vision of the future of COC of GTD companies.

Public Target

Directors, managers, engineers, technicians, researchers, professors and teachers, suppliers of products, equipment and materials and professionals who work in the sectors of operation, engineering, planning, design, technology development, information and communication technology, automation, legal, public services regulation, research & development, in:

- Electric power utilities
- Regulatory agencies
- Technology suppliers for distribution networks
- Information and communication technology (ICT) suppliers
- Hardware vendors
- Software vendors
- Services providers
- Equipment and materials suppliers for electric power
- Teaching and research institutions
- Government
- Consultancies
- Infrastructure companies
- Service companies
- Other

Exhibiters´ Profile

- Vendors of systems for occurrences management
- Higher education and research centers and institutes
- Supervisory and control systems suppliers
- Information and communication technology (ICT) providers
- Technology providers for distribution networks
- Hardware providers and Software vendors
- Services providers
- GIS systems vendors
- Furniture and equipment suppliers
- Suppliers of equipment and materials for distributors
- Electric energy utilities
- Consultancies

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